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Team Building

More than ever people in organizations have to work together effectively to get results. Never has interdependence been so great.

Our approach to team building is based in the needs of the group and the organization. As a result we frequently begin by interviewing key individuals to get their perspective on how the team currently works. From the interview data we build a process that focuses on problem solving with current business issues. Our bias is that team building is most likely to be successful in the long-term if it involves real teams focused on changing behavior related to daily business.

If there are significant issues of trust based on long-term non-supportive behavior, the first step may require getting some of these issues out on the table so they can be dealt with constructively. Sometimes people have a need to vent and get beyond current feelings of hostility.

Once people are willing to move beyond where they have been and into collaboration we can begin to focus on what needs to be done to improve the current situation. Typical steps in team building from this point might be:

  1. 1. Clarifying Purpose and Goals of the Team
  2. Establishing Benefits of Effective Team Function
  3. Clarifying Roles
  4. Clarifying Team Rules & Responsibilities
  5. Establishing Action Plans


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