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Never before has hiring the right person had more impact on quality, efficiency and profit. Good people will stay and produce at a high level in jobs where they fit. Fit is a result of matching characteristics of the person and demands of the job and the organization. The value that Positive Options brings to the table is expertise in selecting people who fit. Successful individuals produce successful organizations. Long-term business profit and individual success go hand in hand.

There are four phases frequently used to build a comprehensive hiring process.

  1. The first phase is defining the position and characteristics required to succeed. We begin with a meeting that is structured to collect information from people who know the job best. This process identifies the most critical competencies and key performance indicators for each position. We typically recommend including two persons that report to the position, two high performing persons currently in the position, one or two people from other departments that depend on the output of the position, one or two people above the position, and human resources. Other people can be added if their perspectives will be helpful. It is essential that agreement be reached about the scope and responsibilities of the position. It takes about two hours of group time to generate the essential data for each position. We then work with HR to complete the comprehensive job description and finalize competencies required to perform the position.
  2. The next phase is developing the benchmark for the position. This is accomplished by assessing persons currently in the position and getting input from managers who fully understand the job. When possible we recommend assessing people who are currently functioning at a high level and lower level performers. The information derived from these results is used in creating the benchmark for the position. Based on your descriptions of need we will recommend specific assessments. See the assessment section of this website for specific information regarding our most frequently used tests.
  3. The third phase is implementing the comprehensive system. This requires training for the hiring managers and for all employees who will be involved in the panel interview. This usually takes two half-day sessions, with a lot of skill building practice.
  4. The fourth phase is using the system and testing applicants. Since the testing is all done on the internet, geography is not a challenge. Applicants can complete the assessments in your office or from a remote location. You are notified as soon as the applicant has finished; the results are available immediately. We are available for interpretation of results and can make suggestions for questions to ask as applicants go through the hiring process.
Once people are positioned most effectively we help create management systems that support the individual employees achieving desired business results.


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