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Sally and Ken Kasner "Sally and Ken are both committed to creating a world that works for everyone. "Positive Options, Inc. is a consulting firm that helps individuals and businesses achieve the highest levels of performance and satisfaction. It was founded in 1985 by two people with extensive experience helping managers select the right people, creating effective work environments, and achieving success in life. Both of the founders have worked as consultants, mentors, trainers and personal and spiritual advisors. Sally and Ken are both committed to creating a world that works for everyone.

It has been fun and challenging to work with many people across a wide variety of industries. Success happens when the right combination of people focus on a common goal, receive feedback on their progress and feel they are making an important contribution. We have been fortunate to work with great companies and great leaders since our founding.

It has also been fascinating to watch a growing recognition of the importance of people in successful organizations. Business is all about people, a group of people providing some service or product that another group of people wants or needs. It doesn’t matter what industry we have been a part of, success has always been dependent upon how well the people relate around the common objective. We believe passionately that profit and successful individuals go together; lasting organizational success can only happen when both are a simultaneous priority.

Kenneth H. Kasner Ph.D.

Ken Kasner received his doctorate in Psychology from Washington State University in 1975. Soon after graduating he began his career with the National Cancer Institute.

In 1977 he was asked to develop and lead the Psychology Department at Emanuel Hospital in Portland, Oregon. During his years there his reputation grew, and he became a Management Consultant for Metropolitan Hospitals, Inc. in Portland. There he assisted the company in all facets of consulting, management training, team building, and retreat facilitation. Six years later, Dr. Kasner moved to Arizona to become the Director of Management and Organization Development for Samaritan Health Service, the largest healthcare provider in the state.

Today, Dr. Kasner is licensed to practice psychology in the State of Arizona, and is president of Positive Options, Inc.

Ken has served on the board of the Arizona Chapter of the Institute of Management Consultants and the board of the Valley of the Sun Human Resource Association as well as being Past President of that organization.

Memberships include:

Ken is also an exceptionally effective speaker in the areas of leadership, individual development and employment testing. His words are inspiring and honest, and because of his extensive experience with successful people in many different types of business he has a broad refreshing perspective. He has provided lectures, seminars and workshops for professional and business audiences across the Southwest.

Sally Ann Kasner, B.S., RN

Sally is a professional who builds trust, belief and motivation among people.

Sally has a diverse background. She has been the General Manager of a specialty construction firm and she has been the Director of Education at John C. Lincoln Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona. Prior to that she, was a trainer and consultant with Samaritan Health Services where she developed management and personal growth and development workshops. Her first career was as a Registered Nurse. She has been a staff nurse, head nurse and nursing instructor in a variety of settings. It was in her work as a cardiovascular nurse specialist that she developed her intense interest in healthy, productive workplaces.

Professional memberships include:

Sally is an exceptionally effective speaker and trainer. She has the ability to work with significant diversity and bring people to together around a common purpose. Her natural belief in people combined with her business acumen and skills in group process lead to positive outcomes and effective change.

Sally works with a variety of businesses, providing consultation, workshops and seminars to professional and business clients. She specializes in program design and implementation strategies, providing ongoing support to clients.

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